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In the Shadow of the Guacari Image

In the Shadow of the Guacari

Bajo la Sombra del Guacari

ALT | International Shorts

In the midst of a large wetlands, a town crier brings the news that dead bodies have washed up on the banks of the river; one is Abraham’s dear friend Ciro. Stricken with grief he is determined to keep his word and give his friend the resting place he wanted for eternity. From the opening gorgeous wide shots it is clear that we are in a world out of time, a place where life has remained largely unchanged for centuries. Though many scenes are sung, In the Shadow of the Guacari is not what you would call a conventional musical; it’s more of an anti-musical, a lament for a deceased loved one, a melancholic film full of sorrow yet so painfully beautiful. The vast setting is a reminder that we humans are just a small part of the fabric of the great ecological order from birth through death, a place where relationships are lifelong commitments on a whole different level than fleeting digital likes and chats. A spellbinding and timeless tale of tragedy, loss, and fulfilling promises.

Screens in program Somebody Dies

Canadian premiere
Director Greg Méndez
Country of Origin: Colombia
Year: 2018
Running Time: 15 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Spanish with English subtitles
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Cast: Juan Mont Herrera, Libardo Perez, Santana Cortés, Yuranis Montiel, Fany Jaramillo, Orlando Lean
Producer: Andrea Méndez Gonzalez
Screenwriter: Claudia Castellanos
Cinematographer: Rafael Gonzalez
Editor: Nicolas Pinzon
Art Director: Juan Carlos Medina
Production Company: Guateque Cine, Creative Pro, Spider Films, Diana Ramos
Print Source: Diana Ramos


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