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White Snake

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Eye-popping animation meets Chinese folklore in this rollicking crowd-pleaser. Directors Amp Wong and Zhao Ji give us a prequel to Legend of the White Snake, a tale that dates back thousands of years and has been turned into operas, novellas, movies, and more. The heroes of the film are Blanca, a snake demon who can take human form, and Xuan, the mere mortal she falls in love with. Together they face off against military rulers, violent creatures, and other malign forces, all of whom are brought to life with dazzling style.

As a romance, White Snake is both steamy and touching; as an adventure, it’s thrilling; and as a work of visual art, it’s a delight. Fox-human hybrids, a fearsome three-headed bird and giant snakes galore are just some of the highlights, and the action takes place against gorgeous backdrops - the treatment of nature is as beautiful as the psychedelic creature design. Erotic, action-packed and wildly creative, this is a triumph of animated storytelling. "A fresh take on a Chinese classic… packed with exciting adventure." - Richard Kuipers, Variety

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Director Amp Wong, Zhao Ji
Country of Origin: China
Year: 2019
Running Time: 99 mins
Format: DCP
Classification: PG - violence
Language:In Mandarin
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Cast: Blanca-Zhang Zhe, Xu Xuan-Yang Tianxiang, Verta-Tang Xiaoxi
Executive Producer: Zhou Yu, Yuan Ye
Producer: Gary Wang, Gillian Zhao, Di Cui
Screenwriter: Da Mao
Animation Supervisors: Leo Xie, Li Chao
Editor: Zhu Keer
Production Design: Tang Yanwen
Music: Guo Haowei
Production Company: Light Chaser Animation
Distributor: GKids


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