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The Lighthouse Image

The Lighthouse

Panorama | Special Presentations

Robert Eggers caused a stir with his beautifully controlled horror film The Witch, but no one expected him to attain the level of modern master with this, his hallucinatory follow-up. As two lighthouse keepers trying to maintain their sanity while confined to a desolate, windswept rock off the coast of 19th-century Maine, Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are both mesmerizing, the former a peg-legged and petulant veteran named Tom Wake and the latter a close-mouthed Canadian named Ephraim Winslow, whose haunted look suggests some skulduggery in his past. Eggers plays the two men off of each other - they both slowly come apart at the seams - and conflates the tropes of the gothic horror and supernatural genres in an unclassifiable wonder that both shocks and surprises.

"The desolate, lonely environment of the island is captured beautifully in squid-ink blacks and storm-cloud greys, all shot in a boxy 4:3 ratio. There’s a vintage horror feel, both embracing conventions of the genre and defying them… The Lighthouse leaves you dazed, terrified and elated, and it signals Eggers as one of the most exciting directors working today." - Joseph Walsh, Time Out

FIPRESCI Prize, Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes 19

Director Robert Eggers
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2019
Running Time: 110 mins
Format: DCP-encrypted
Language:In English
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Cast: Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe, Valeriia Karaman
Executive Producer: Arnon Milchan, Yariv Milchan, Michael Schaefer, Josh Peters, Isaac Ericson, Sophie Mas, Caito Ortiz, Rodrigo Gutierrez, Chris Columbus, Eleanor Columbus
Producer: Rodrigo Teixeira, Jay Van Hoy, Robert Eggers, Lourenço Sant' Anna, Youree Henley
Screenwriter: Robert Eggers, Max Eggers
Cinematographer: Jarin Blaschke
Editor: Louise Ford
Production Design: Craig Lathrop
Music: Mark Korven
Production Company: RT Features; Parts & Labor; A24
Distributor: VVS Films


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