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Quantification Trilogy - I Can See Forever


Set approximately 40 years in the future, I Can See Forver is presented as a documentary television series about "The Singularity Project"; a failed government experiment that aimed to create a harmonious synthesis of human and machine. This specific episode is a verité account of the only known survivor, 27 year-old Roderick Dale. Born with an 8.7% Machine DNA biology, yet uninterested in the virtual reality-trappings of his time, Dale has committed himself to a life immersed in dance. It is during his unique virtuosic activities that he claims to be able to "See Forever"—a multi-layered and contentious term that he defines as the ability to transcend to a digital plane of total unity while maintaining a corporeal physical presence.

Employing the outmoded VHS format, I Can See Forever appears to take place in an anonymous urban setting sometime in the early 1990s. Through a series of candid interviews, narration and archival materials, the pseudo-documentary culminates in an extended dance choreography in which Dale attempts to illustrate his meaning of "Seeing Forever". The video itself also climaxes in a meltdown of contemporary visual effects—aspiring to elicit a phenomenological definition of its own.

Screens in program Quantification Trilogy

Canadian premiere
Director Jeremy Shaw
Country of Origin: Germany
Year: 2018
Running Time: 43 mins
Print Source: Jeremy Shaw


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