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Close Quarters

ALT | True North Shorts

7A + La Cartographe + + From Across the Street and Through Two Sets of Windows + Hole + Maybe if It Were a Nice Room + Paddock + Pumpkin Movie + Turbine


Director: G. Goletski / BC, 2018, 6 min.
An adult with autism spectrum disorder, Mo spends a lot of time in their brain. Today, a hole started following them. more...

La Cartographe

Director: Nathan Douglas / BC, 2018, 34 min.
A young girl investigates her neighbour and his wildly boring running route. more...


Director: Michel Kandinsky / ON, 2018, 7 min.
A city observed from a distance. Ordinary people doing ordinary things. Ordinary, yes, but something isn’t right. Someone is watching, someone is preparing. Is it just surveillance or something more sinister? more...

Pumpkin Movie

Director: Sophy Romvari / BC, 2018, 10 min.
Two best friends reminisce over Skype while carving pumpkins. more...


Director: Zachary Russell / ON, 2018, 10 min.
A woman is interrupted as she prepares to record a video. An innocuous encounter quickly descends into chaos. more...


Director: Alex Boya / QC, 2018, 9 min.
A surreal, romantic tragicomedy about a man who merges with his war plane and can no longer connect with his wife. more...

From Across the Street and Through Two Sets of Windows

Director: Steven McCarthy / ON, 2018, 15 min.
An increasingly isolated city woman takes refuge in her apartment, where she observes her neighbour’s daily life. One night she finally summons the courage to go out in search of the simplest of human connections. more...

Maybe if It Were a Nice Room

Director: Alicia K. Harris / ON, 2017, 2 min.
An incident between two people is examined through the exploration of rooms. more...

Director Various
Country of Origin: Various
Year: 2018
Running Time: 93 mins


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