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No One Will Ever Know Image

No One Will Ever Know

Nadie sabrá nunca

Panorama | Contemporary World Cinema

Comforting fictions are what make life tolerable for Lucia (Adriana Paz) and her son Braulio (Luciano Marti). It’s rural Mexico in the 1970s; to escape the daily drudgery of farm life and husband Rigoberto’s (Jorge A. Jiménez) less than enlightened ways, Lucia immerses both herself and Braulio in radionovelas and movies, hoping to open the young lad’s mind to possibilities of a better life. For herself, she sees little hope: Rigoberto refuses to acquiesce to her desire to move to the city. However, one night, when Rigoberto is absent, mother and son let a stranger into their home. The man, who carries within him all the characteristics of their beloved heroes from radio and film, manages to transform their constrained world into a magical one, if only for a few precious moments…

First-time director Jesús Torres Torres has a background as an art director and cinematographer, and he has used these lighting and staging skills in the best possible way here to craft an extremely impressive tribute to the golden age of Mexican cinema (Figueroa, Eisenstein, etc.). Aided by a terrific turn from up-and-coming star Adriana Paz (remember her in Hilda from VIFF 16?) as Lucia, Torres Torres has made a film of wonder and tragedy—wistful, haunting and lovely to look at. While playing within the tropes of melodrama, it’s really about how much movies, TV & radio could mean to people then.

Country of Origin: Mexico
Year: 2018
Running Time: 102 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Spanish with English subtitles
Cast: Adriana Paz, Jorge A. Jiménez, Luciano Marti, David Medel, Arcelia Ramírez
Producer: Ernesto Martínez Arévalo, Iliana Reyes Chávez
Cinematographer: Alejando Cantú
Editor: Oscar Figueroa Jara
Production Design: Jesús Torres Torres
Music: Arturo Villela
Distributor: Corazón Films México


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