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A Sister's Song Image

A Sister's Song

True North | True North

Sisters Marina and Tatiana drifted apart after the latter decided to follow a spiritual calling and put faith and ideology ahead of her mother and sister. Two decades later, they still haven’t come to terms with Tatiana’s chosen path. Despite having scarcely communicated with her sister aside from the odd letter or call, Marina has grown convinced that Tatiana has been left unfulfilled by her chosen calling. Consequently, she decides to pay her a visit at the Greek monastery that she now calls home.

The incredible intimacy and hypnotic drama that Danae Elon lends her documentary would be the envy of many narratives. We witness the subtle, unspoken exchanges between the siblings and suffer along with them through the pregnant pauses that punctuate their attempts at reconnection. And, of course, when the pleasantries cede to inevitable clashes, we register every ounce of emotion that spills forth. Part of the frustration for this family is their recognition of the fact that they may never get the answers they’re looking for or truly know those who they hold dearest. As we witness the sorts of conflicts that can only be forged by siblings play out, this enthralling film grows increasingly complex, delving into issues of acceptance, respect and faith.

North American premiere
Director Danae Elon
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2018
Running Time: 81 mins
Format: DCP encrypted
Language:In Hebrew with English subtitles
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Producer: Paul Cadieux, Danae Elon
Cinematographer: Danae Elon, Itamar Mendes Flohr
Editor: Vincent Guignard, Alexandre Leblanc
Music: Peter Venne
Distributor: Filmoption International


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