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When the Storm Fades Image

When the Storm Fades

Sea to Sky | BC Spotlight |

In this affecting, provocative docudrama from artist/activist Sean Devlin, a Filipino family and their neighbours reenact their own experiences of resolutely rebuilding their homes and lives in the wake of the devastation wrought by 2013’s Hurricane Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms in history. Not helping matters are two ineffectual foreign aid workers (Kayla Lorette and Aaron Read) who might actually emerge as the "white saviours" they fancy themselves if they weren’t so busy curating their Instagram accounts. Of course, their ineptness proves rather innocuous when contrasted with a predatory insurance executive (Ryan Beil) who only sees a windfall when he surveys unthinkable devastation.

Visually arresting from its first frame, When the Storm Fades sees Devlin calling on both his cutting wit as a comedian and improvisational tactics as an activist (in 2014, he was arrested after sneaking on stage with Prime Minister Harper to protest the Conservatives’ environmental policy). The result is a darkly humorous and deeply humane film that thrusts us to the frontlines of climate change and celebrates survivors’ resolve.

"A beautiful and totally original film. Unique, powerful, lovely, funny, heartbreaking and true."—Naomi Klein

"When the Storm Fades contains a startling combination of tragedy and comedy… But the quality that lingers longest is the beauty of the place and its people. A dark tree, bedazzled with fireflies, or a strobe of lightning making fractal patterns across the ocean look like scenes from a Terrence Malick film. A true and genuine gem, don’t miss this one!"—Dorothy Woodend, Tyee

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North American premiere
Director Sean Devlin
Country of Origin: Canada/Philippines
Year: 2018
Running Time: 81 mins
Format: DCP Unencrypted
Classification: PG - Coarse language; drug use
Language:In English, Waray with English subtitles
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Cast: Kayla Lorette, Aaron Read, The Pablo Family, Ryan Beil
Executive Producer: Naomi Klein, Mike Bonanno, Andy Bichlbaum, Mark Achbar, Avi Lewis
Producer: Sean Devlin, Chris Ferguson
Cinematographer: Jeff Lee Petry
Editor: Marianna Khoury, Sean Devlin
Music: Susie Ibarra
Production Company: Oddfellows Entertainment
Print Source: Oddfellows Entertainment Inc


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