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Hard Rubbish Image

Hard Rubbish

ALT | Youth | International Shorts

A group of middle-class teen boys out for a night of destruction and affirmation are caught off guard by a gang of the very people they are trying to emulate.

Your teen years are when you figure out where you fit into the world, but it’s easy to get misdirected by popular culture and to try to be something you are not. Image and group acceptance are everything, but it can all come crashing down in a series of misadventures and hard life lessons. Hard Rubbish is a tight little thriller featuring strong ensemble performances that create an excellent depiction of teen-male relationships and characters, and the comedic moments and inevitable pains that come with them.

Screens in program Teen Perspectives

World premiere
Director Stephen Packer
Country of Origin: Australia
Year: 2018
Running Time: 12 mins
Format: DCP
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Cast: Daniel Cropley, David Griffiths, Kush Goyal, Taj Molde, Tobias Bracht
Producer: Adam Camporeale
Screenwriter: Michael H. Beck
Cinematographer: Adam Camporeale
Editor: Stephen Packer
Production Design: Michael H. Beck
Production Company: Drive-Thru Pictures
Print Source: BlankSpace


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