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The Lost City of the Monkey God

Impact | Documentaries

It may seem as if every corner of the planet has been explored, but the search for buried treasure continues and new technologies are enabling amazing new discoveries. Is the greatest example of this in our decade the unearthing of the legendary pre-Columbian "Lost City of the Monkey God" in the jungles of eastern Honduras? This could only be achieved with the development of laser scanning tools which can see through dense vegetation to and below the forest floor. But that’s just the beginning of this incredible story, because once detected, ancient ruins still need to be got to, dug up, verified and protected. And with jungles, treasure hunters, wild animals, military police, governments, and archeologists being what they are, all of this is extremely controversial and dangerous. Now alongside Douglas Preston’s acclaimed book and articles in numerous publications comes this thrilling new documentary.

From the filmmakers: "For centuries, Hondurans have passed down the story of La Ciudad Blanca, the lost white city, rumored to be more opulent than any Spanish Conquistador had ever found. In 1994, amateur explorer Steve Elkins set out to determine if there was any truth behind the great legend. In 2011, Steve was joined by documentary filmmaker Bill Benenson, and together they assembled the world’s foremost specialists in LIDAR mapping to scan the impenetrable La Mosquitia jungle. What they unearthed exceeded their wildest expectations, but what the jungle unleashed, in turn, was more debilitating than any of them had bargained for. Was this the CURSE OF THE MONKEY GOD?"

World premiere
Director Bill Benenson
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2018
Running Time: 100 mins
Format: DCP
Executive Producer: Wendi Weger, Garry Spire, Sparky Greene
Producer: Bill Benenson, Laurie Benenson
Cinematographer: Lucian Read
Editor: Sam Lee
Music: Gingger Shankar
Print Source: Benenson Productions


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