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In My Room (Israel) Image

In My Room (Israel)

Impact | VIFF Impact

Teenagers pouring their hearts out onto the pages of diaries are a thing of the past. For a generation that’s grown up on the internet, the private and public have merged and found their expression in a new form: social media. Ayelet Albenda’s fascinating documentary study of young adulthood is a compilation of various YouTubers’ personal vlogs, detailing everything from painful eating disorders and body dysmorphia to broken hearts and gender questioning.

Through cameras set up in their bedrooms, we meet Arieh from Davis, California, a 12-year-old boy who loves to experiment with makeup, and Sierra, an American teenager who has recently become pregnant after her first sexual experience. We also meet Liam, a 13-year-old questioning gender norms and identity, and Rachel, a young British woman living with an abusive parent and struggling with binge eating. Through their intimate confessionals we join them on their journeys of self-discovery and maturation, along with their followers, whose comments flash across the screen in response to the most revealing videos. At times endearing and at others heart-wrenching and disturbing, In My Room is a window into sharing in a digital age. While the divisiveness of online discourse often takes centre stage, these young people serve as a reminder of the balm that connection can bring.

North American premiere
Director Ayelet Albenda
Country of Origin: Israel
Year: 2017
Running Time: 70 mins
Format: DCP
Classification: PG - Coarse & sexual language
Language:In English, Hebrew with English subtitles
Producer: Naama Pyritz
Screenwriter: Ayelet Albenda, Sharon Elovic, Naama Pyritz
Editor: Sharon Elovic
Music: Omer Hershman
Print Source: Cinephil


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