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Sea to Sky | BC Spotlight |
Heartbroken and flat broke, Greg struggles to reenter the workforce and suffers a series of seriocomic indignities, including sitting through a motivation speaking session in a gymnasium and single-handedly crewing an experimental film. As Greg's excursions take him through Vancouver's suburbs, office spaces, woodlands, bookshops, basement suites and galleries, his existential dread steeps. In turn, director/multi-disciplinary artist Zebulon Zang reveals himself to be a keen observer of human nature (and accompanying ludicrous behaviour) who is capable of mining rich absurdity from the seemingly mundane.
It's tempting to label this the Lower Mainland's answer to Richard Linklater's _Slacker_ but that only scratches the prickly surface of this minor key DIY gem. It's an alternately freewheeling and lacerating look at being cut adrift in adulthood, and many of the outrageous scenes would incite bursts of laughter if they didn't simultaneously bristle with such riveting tension. Fueled by a compelling sense of spontaneity but guided by considerable cinematic vision, N.O.N. culminates in a closing sequence that will prove difficult to shake as you exit the theatre and return to your particular real world.

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World premiere
Director Zebulon Zang
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2018
Running Time: 100 mins
Format: DCP Unencrypted
Related Links: Official Website | Trailer
Cast: Zac Cocciolo, Meaghen Buckley, Sung Pil Yoon, Reizza Oxales
Executive Producer: Josh Awesome
Cinematographer: Dustin Warnock
Art Director: Josh Awesome
Print Source: Josh Awesome


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