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The Serengeti Rules Image

The Serengeti Rules

Impact | VIFF Impact

Five brilliant research scientists from around the globe are featured in Nicolas Brown’s adaptation of Sean B. Carroll’s influential book of the same name. Beginning in the 60s, these eminent academics found that their research was travelling along similar lines suggesting that nature works according to certain rules relating to a kind of equilibrium. For example, eco-visionary Bob Paine showed that "keystone" species, in this case those at the top of the food chain, were essential in maintaining biodiversity when he removed predacious starfish from tide pools and witnessed a decrease in diversity. The breakthrough came via Tony Sinclair’s work in Africa’s Serengeti. When the wildebeest population, previously destroyed by a disease that had finally been eradicated, started to thrive again, instead of overrunning the ecosystem, the population levelled off at pre-disease numbers, and, amazingly, not only did plant and wildlife diversity expand, but the physical form of the landscape also changed. The implication that, by knowing nature’s rules, a damaged environment and ecosystem could not only be restored but also enhanced has given hope to eco-warriors everywhere.

"Compelling viewing… It’s a film which sounds an alarm, but, unlike most similarly themed pictures, one which permits a chink of light into the traditionally bleak narrative of man’s impact on the land… It excels… in its visual component, with stunning cinematography and arresting juxtapositions…"—Wendy Ide, Screen

Canadian premiere
Director Nicolas Brown
Country of Origin: UK
Year: 2018
Running Time: 84 mins
Format: DCP encrypted
Featuring: Bob Paine, Matthieson McCrae, Jim Estes, Jaime Excell
Executive Producer: David Guy Elisco, Dennis WC Liu, John Battsek
Producer: David Allen
Cinematographer: Tim Cragg
Editor: Andy R. Worboys
Music: Anne Nikitin
Production Company: Passion Planet, HHMI Tangled Bank Studios
Print Source: Passion Pictures Films


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