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Giant Little Ones Image

Giant Little Ones

True North | True North

After sharing a drunken encounter at a party that permanently alters the dynamics of their long-standing friendship, Franky (Josh Wiggins) and his childhood pal Ballas (Darren Mann) engage in a protracted feud that serves as an outlet for their respective powder kegs of repressed feelings. When Ballas uses his considerable influence in the corridors of high school to have his rival branded a pariah, Franky strike up a friendship with another outsider (Taylor Hickson) and seeks the counsel of his divorced mother (Maria Bello) and father (Kyle MacLachlan), the latter of whom knows all too well that sexual awakening sometimes comes with a cost.

Returning to feature filmmaking after a lengthy hiatus, Keith Behrman (who scored Best New Western Canadian Director for Flower & Garnet at VIFF 2002) mounts an impressive comeback with this finely observed and frequently poignant study of sexual identity and its boundaries. Pulsing with the anxiety and urgency more commonly associated with a director making their first foray into feature filmmaking, Giant Little Ones draws tension from instances of tentativeness, erupts with moments of adolescent abandon and feels gloriously alive for every minute of its runtime.

"Positively writhing with hormonal energy…"—Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

"Confidently shot and beautifully acted… The early going is the perfect showcase of Behrman’s intuitive sense of cinema in which images do a lot of the talking… But the film belongs to Wiggins, who brings an openness and sincerity to Franky’s struggles that help suggest to what extent his character’s specific story has elements that everybody will be able to relate to."— Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter

"The VIFF screenings of Giant Little Ones are dedicated to Christopher Adkins—a sweet friend. He loved the arts and good, long visits."—Keith Behrman

Director Keith Behrman
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2018
Running Time: 94 mins
Format: DCP
Classification: 14A - Coarse & sexual language
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Cast: Josh Wiggins, Darren Mann, Maria Bello, Kyle MacLachlan, Taylor Hickson
Producer: Allison Black
Cinematographer: Guy Godfree
Editor: Sandy Pereira
Production Design: Zosia Mackenzie
Music: Michael Brook
Distributor: Mongrel Media Inc.


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