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ALT | International Shorts

An old man’s routine visit to a local doctor’s office takes a twist when there’s a lack of civility from a woman tired of waiting her turn. There is a wonderful message of understanding and compassion in this new short from Colin Gerrard and Jaine Green (Cherry Cake, VIFF 2015). In a world where anti-immigrant and racist sentiments merge with class entitlement and religious intolerance, Eli brings a timely message. These are not easy subjects to address, and the film does an admirable job of illustrating without coming off as lecturing, presenting without preaching. It’s punch comes from an unexpected new addition to an oft-told and well-established narrative, some solid ensemble acting and dynamic camera work and editing. In the film Eli tells of an incident that changed his life, and his unforgettable story and the immediate results it engenders offer hope to all of us.

Screens in program Love and Compassion

Canadian premiere
Director Colin Gerrard
Country of Origin: UK
Year: 2017
Running Time: 11 mins
Format: DCP
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Cast: David Gant, Michael Irving, Katheryn Hanke, Naima Stevenson, Rose Riley, Tony Wredden, Liz Finch
Executive Producer: Jaine Harmston Green
Producer: Colin Gerrard
Screenwriter: Colin Gerrard, Jaine Green, Chritopher Gerrard
Cinematographer: Dirk Nel
Editor: Benji Gerstein
Art Director: Jane Bruce
Music: Audio Network
Production Company: 7 Colli Productions
Print Source: Colin Gerrard


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