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True North | Future//Present

Toronto-based filmmaker Blake Williams has been prominent in the avant-garde scene for several years, making short-form 3D work that formally investigates ideas of space, temporality and aesthetic geometry with sense-engaging abstraction. With this ambitious experimental 3D sci-fi film, he makes his feature-length debut and goes back to his Texan roots.

The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 changed the course of Texas history, devastating what was then the cultural centre of the state. PROTOTYPE re-imagines the natural disaster and its aftermath with the presence of a futuristic televisual device (an arrangement of screens that recalls Godard’s Numéro deux). In one visually awesome sequence, Williams puts the viewer in the middle of the disorienting storm, showing a command of the properties of the 3D frame that is astonishing. From its opening stereoscopic images of Galveston, the film moves further and further into abstraction, interrogating notions of origin and historical memory, the interpreted present and alternate futures. Visceral and thought-provoking, this is one of the year’s most exciting experimental films; it could also be said that PROTOTYPE is one of the great disaster movies.
Adam Cook

Preceded By: Idizwadidiz

Director: Isiah Medina / ON, 2017, 8 min.
Two friends walk and draw circles. It is what it is, idizwadidiz, c’est ce que c’est, seskeceě. Nice weather.—Isiah Medina
Director Blake Williams
Country of Origin: Canada/USA
Year: 2017
Running Time: 63 mins
Format: DCP
Related Links: Director’s Website
Producer: Blake Williams
Cinematographer: Blake Williams
Editor: Blake Williams
Print Source: BM Films
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