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Nothing is as important to life on this planet as our oceans. The omnibus Australian BLUE plunges us into glorious waters in Australia, Hawaii, the South Pacific, the Philippines and Indonesia, introducing us to individuals who have devoted their lives to direct action and education on our seas’ behalf. A cogently argued, beautifully shot and truly inspired call to battle, this film provides a beautiful but bracing view of what needs to—and can—be done now.

Valerie Taylor is a pioneering diver, shark advocate and conservationist. A diver for more than 60 years, she and her husband made countless shark films including Blue Water, White Death. Her young counterpart is feisty Madison Stewart, who grew up on a yacht on the Great Barrier Reef and has now dedicated her life to the protection and preservation of sharks. Tim Silverwood, meanwhile, travelled the globe with his surfboard. Growing appalled by the state of the world’s premium surf spots, he made a personal decision to clean plastic on a large scale, co-founding the Take 3—a Clean Beach Initiative. Dr Jennifer Lavers is a marine eco-toxicologist with expertise in seabird ecology, plastic pollution, invasive-species management and fisheries by-catch. The long term monitoring of sea bird colonies has taken her from a childhood in Alberta to remote locations around the globe. Lucas Handley, marine biologist, underwater photographer and freediver, is helping villagers in the Solomon Islands and the Philippines keep their reefs intact by developing their own ecotourism enterprises.

Being immersed in the worlds of individuals like these is an unforgettable and galvanizing experience. It’s pretty incredible armchair travelling, too!

North American premiere
Director Karina Holden
Country of Origin: Australia
Year: 2017
Running Time: 76 mins
Format: DCP
Related Links: Website & Trailer
Executive Producer: Sue Clothier, David Haslingden
Producer: Sarah Beard, Karina Holden, Sue Clothier
Cinematographer: Jody Muston
Editor: Vanessa Milton
Music: Ash Gibson Greig
Production Company: Northern Pictures
Print Source: Northern Pictures


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