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Don't Be Afraid of the Light Image

Don't Be Afraid of the Light

ALT | Shorts Programs

A mysterious supernatural force helps a teen girl find the strength to fight back against a group of vicious bullies and a dark creature that haunts her at night. This dark tale shows us how the trauma of physical and sexual abuse become layers of persecution reshaping reality—and that monsters come in many guises.

Screens in program Teen Years: Heaven and Hell

International premiere
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2017
Running Time: 15 mins
Format: DCP
Cast: Charlotte White, Torran Kitts, Raam Weinfeld, Meredith Thomas, Alex McArthur, Damarion Hall
Executive Producer: Izzy Rostovsky, Peggy Rostovsky, Eloise Cartwright, Paul Cartwright, June Clifton, Brett Elliot Sobel, John Titchenal, Jim Roderique, Erik Bernard
Producer: Lydia Cartwright, Rachel Kiri Walker, Jason A. Rostovsky
Screenwriter: Jason A. Rostovsky
Cinematographer: Daniella Nowitz
Editor: Steven Chin Kellen Moore Jason A. Rostovsky
Production Design: Francesca Marciano
Music: Erik Lutz
Production Company: Have Not Films
Print Source: Jason Rostovsky
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