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There Was a Man, a Girl, and a Rocket Image

There Was a Man, a Girl, and a Rocket

ALT | Shorts Programs

A journey through the dreams and memories that six-year-old Belinda has of her father, who she imagines is still alive—and an astronaut. The film elegantly creates this transitory world of thought, where nothing is linear—you never quite get the whole picture of what happened, just Belinda’s struggle for identity while trying to cope with the loss of a parent.

Screens in program Crisis Management

World premiere
Director Terence Chim
Country of Origin: UK
Year: 2017
Running Time: 10 mins
Format: DCP
Cast: Elsa Alili, Mark Lisseman, Judith Amsenga, Ava Agostino, Heather Cairns, Jordan Klaja
Producer: Paisley Walsh
Cinematographer: Vincenzo Marranghino
Editor: Lorenzo Nera
Production Design: Sarah Sanderson
Music: Terence Chim, Tuna Erlat
Production Company: The London Film School
Print Source: Terence Chim


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