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On Putin's Blacklist

Sea to Sky | BC Spotlight

Vancouver director Boris Ivanov brings us this engaging and timely tour d’horizon of the oligarchic gangster-state that is Russia and her intimidating place in the world today. At the time of this writing, the depth of the influence of Vladimir Putin and his minions on the 2016 US election has not been fully revealed, but all indications are that it was profound and effective. Through Ivanov’s eyes we observe the wounded pride of Russians as the Soviet Empire crumbles, the privatization of massive national industries and the new social order that then comes into being. The jingoistic xenophobia born out of an increased dependence on foreign investment makes patriotic heroes and billionaires of ruthless but homegrown moguls. Masterful propaganda and demonization of the "other" result in institutionalized racism and an entrenched culture of disdain for the West, which is not diminished by the buffoonery of the Trump administration. Ivanov’s deep Russian roots inform his documentary as he brings us up to speed on the shameful adoption crisis, state-sanctioned hacking of the Internet and the heartless treatment of LGBTQ citizens.

World premiere
Director Boris Ivanov
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2017
Running Time: 76 mins
Format: DCP
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Executive Producer: Peter Klein, Avi Federgreen
Producer: Boris Ivanov
Screenwriter: Boris Ivanov
Cinematographer: Boris Ivanov
Editor: Lucas Hrubizna
Music: Dave King, Boris Sichon, Sebastian Hugeneck
Production Company: Apple of My Eye Productions
Print Source: Interfilms Productions / Apple of My Eye Productions Inc. (print)
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