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Crisis Management

ALT | Shorts Programs

How people deal with crisis—whether it be an imminent disaster or a long term setback—is often an indicator of their character and the strength thereof. In this program of short films ranging from dark comedic dramas to those addressing serious moral and social issues, our protagonists find themselves in situations outside their control or of their own making. Immediate resolution is not always forthcoming…

The Animal

Director: Atasay Koç / Turkey, 2017, 9 min.
A woman driver hits a dog on a back road at night. When her teen son realizes it is still alive, he forces her to make a difficult choice… Tensions abound in this moral dilemma: on top of the life or death decision, there is a power struggle between a dominant mother and a teen wanting to assert himself.


Director: Matan Ben Moreh / Israel, 2017, 8 min.
After finding the Israeli flag burnt outside her neglected, backwater school, the principle must choose between solving the problem or finding out the truth… Though this sharp, dark drama touches on some contentious issues that echo current affairs in Israel, the main theme is universal: is the truth still relevant?


Director: Alejandro Montalvo / Mexico, 2017, 14 min.
After living a life full of unsatisfied desires, a mild-mannered man suddenly rebels at his 57th birthday party and leaves to quench his lustful hunger. There is some delightful black comedy—with quite unexpected results— in this studied portrait of an unhappy, reserved man who is finally pushed to his breaking point.


Director: Jessica Palud / Belgium/France, 2017, 20 min.
Marlon, 14 years old and now living with her grandmother and uncle, has anxiety on the eve of visiting her mother in jail for the first time… A wonderful lead performance in this kitchen-sink-style character drama beautifully captures her intense experience at the juncture between childhood and adulthood.

Maxwell's Demon

Director: Marcos Vaz / Brazil, 2017, 22 min.
A father tries to mend the relationship with his disabled teen daughter after she is caught seducing boys in the school washroom.
This just the tip of the iceberg in a dark saga of twisted family relations, identity issues and screwed up sex, all revealed so beautifully that you are left stunned afterward.


Director: Neville Pierce / UK, 2017, 16 min.
A desperate British couple employ a Syrian refugee to be a surrogate mother, but their illicit pact has unexpected consequences. Firm direction from VIFF alumnus Nev Pierce (Lock In, VIFF 16) guides this heavy drama of an evolving relationship into twists you really can’t conceive of.

There Was a Man, a Girl, and a Rocket

Director: Terence Chim / UK, 2017, 10 min.
A journey through the dreams and memories that six-year-old Belinda has of her father, who she imagines is still alive—and an astronaut. The film elegantly creates this transitory world of thought, where nothing is linear—you never quite get the whole picture of what happened, just Belinda’s struggle for identity while trying to cope with the loss of a parent.


Director: Benjamin Cleary, TJ O'Grady Peyton / Ireland, 2017, 14 min.
A man awakens from a five-year coma speaking a fully formed but unrecognizable language, baffling linguistic experts from around the globe. A story about overcoming isolation in the Internet age, even in the most extraordinary circumstances, from VIFF alumnus and Oscar-winning director Ben Cleary (Stutterer, VIFF 15) that’s sure to bring a smile.
Director Various
Country of Origin: Various
Year: 2017
Running Time: 113 mins


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