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ALT | Shorts Programs

The second of MODES’ two programs features works that take a reflexive approach in considering their subjects. These artists draw our attention to their culture—or another—asking us to consider the means with which it can be portrayed and understood.

Tashlikh (cast off)

Director: Yael Bartana / Israel/Netherlands, 2017, 12 min.
In Yael Bartana’s arresting visual performance, the artist deliberately discards private belongings as a means of liberation from historical trauma.

Roadside Attraction

Director: Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan / USA, 2017, 10 min.
Enthusiastic gawkers take focus near a regular strip of Florida’s highway in order to glimpse the size and shape of American greatness.

Green Screen Gringo

Director: Douwe Dijkstra / Brazil/Netherlands, 2016, 16 min.
An enchanting and turbulent mixtape-portrait of Brazil emerges from within a mobile green screen, as a Dutch gringo observes Rio’s teeming and political street life.

Charged Landscapes

Director: Sara Naomi Goodman / USA, 2017, 5 min.
Circuit-bent gear by Tachyons+ and various mixers play with mood, texture and sound, resulting in a glitched-out, GIF view of land, climate and astral planes as analog/digital hybrid paintings.

489 Years

Director: Hayoun Kwon / South Korea/France, 2016, 12 min.
In this narrative of danger and wonder, the memories of a former South Korean soldier are rendered through a digital landscape behind the gates of the DMZ.

Batrachian's Ballad

Director: Leonor Teles / Portugal, 2016, 12 min.
Taking an active role in confronting xenophobia, Leonor Teles delivers a work of defiance which is part poetic fairy tale and part performance art.

A Tall Tale

Director: Maya Schweizer / Ireland/Germany, 2017, 17 min.
Cinematic association leads the viewer through a decaying Irish landscape, rich with spectral folklore and haunted by the presence of celluloid ghosts. Maya Schweizer will be in attendance thanks to the support of German Films, AG-Kurzfilm and the Goethe Institute.
Director Various
Country of Origin: Various
Year: 2017
Running Time: 84 mins
Format: DCP/prores/4K
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