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I've Got the Blues Image

I've Got the Blues

Siu ha heng jau dik yan

Gateway | Dragons & Tigers

One of the most original and fascinating documentaries to come out of Hong Kong in many years, Angie Chen’s portrait of Yank Wong (Wong Yan-kwai)—painter, blues musician, activist, cinema art director—is an HK rhapsody. Wong is one of Hong Kong’s preeminent abstract painters. His paintings vibrate with feelings and symbols, in brilliant primary colours. He abjures any kind of Hong Kong-style "marketizing" of his work: an ambitious mural decorates the progressive-bohemian Club 71 Bar in Central.

Chen, a close friend of Wong’s for many years, moves from HK to Macao (where Wong’s opening a gallery installation) to Paris tracing Wong’s art, his loves, his complex family, his feelings about creating at home and creating a home. Wong’s multi-dimensional art reveals a sometimes hidden Hong Kong: one infused with aesthetically and politically progressive artistic activity.

Remarkably, Chen and Wong go at each other in several energetic, powerful scenes that pit two absolutely vibrant, strong personalities against each other, when Wong questions Chen’s filmmaking tactics and motives, and ultimately even the possibility of making a documentary that can "capture" the life of such a complex, creative, vibrantly alive human being.
Shelly Kraicer

World premiere
Director Angie Chen
Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Year: 2017
Running Time: 90 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Cantonese with English subtitles
Featuring: Yank Wong
Producer: Angie Chen, Pamela Lay
Cinematographer: Sam Chau, Chan Tze Woon, Alan Zou Qiao, Nicole Chu, Urie Tan, Wang Sheng Bo, Angie Chen, Vincent Fung, Kobe Chen, Mike Mak, Peter Pan, Ngai Tsz Long
Editor: Angie Chen, Jean Hu, Chu Hoi-ying
Music: mininoise, Lai Kin-wah
Production Company: Scorpio Films
Print Source: Scorpio Films Company
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