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You're Soaking in It

True North | True North

Advertising is no longer the arcane territory of a few well-lubricated characters with narrow lapels and even narrower views on the status of women. The inspired creative leaps of slick Mad Men have been replaced in the digital age by precise, targeted modelling rooted in insidious and pervasive computer surveillance. It’s the work of Math Men, if you will. As traditional advertising streams are vaporized, the need to identify and reach potential consumers becomes overwhelming for a business to stay in business. A staggering amount of information must be compiled and manipulated. Data collected is often extremely personal information used to design advertising specifically tailored for you. Not only that, it can predict and systematically influence you at the precise moment you are most ready to spend.

Scott Harper documents this pivotal shift and introduces us to some extremely aware kids that give us hope for an informed future as well as corporate execs who proudly let us know how much they already know about us. You may want to go home and put some tape over the camera on your computer after seeing this rather chilling film.

Director Scott Harper
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2016
Running Time: 77 mins
Format: DCP
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Executive Producer: Andrew Burnstein
Producer: Scott Harper
Cinematographer: Christopher McKay
Editor: Roland Schlimme
Production Company: Best Trip Ever / Castlewood Productions
Print Source: Castlewood Productions
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