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The Animal


ALT | Shorts Programs

A woman driver hits a dog on a back road at night. When her teen son realizes it is still alive, he forces her to make a difficult choice… Tensions abound in this moral dilemma: on top of the life or death decision, there is a power struggle between a dominant mother and a teen wanting to assert himself.

Screens in program Crisis Management

North American premiere
Director Atasay Koç
Country of Origin: Turkey
Year: 2017
Running Time: 9 mins
Language:In Turkish
Cast: Arzu Suriçi, Denizhan Akbaba
Producer: Kemal Seçkin
Screenwriter: Atasay Koç
Cinematographer: Çağlar Kanber
Editor: Kansu Gül
Music: Görkem Baharoğlu
Art Director: Sıla Karakaya
Print Source: Atasay Koc


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