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The Good Girls Image

The Good Girls

Les Bones Nenes

ALT | Shorts Programs

Two sisters navigating the no-man’s-land between childhood and adulthood have to deal with the consequences of their actions after one of the horses on their farm loses an eye. The rustic setting helps to emphasize the old world-new world conflict of morals and practical economics that threaten to undermine a young girl’s idealized world.

Screens in program Those Ties That Bind

Canadian premiere
Director Clara Roquet
Country of Origin: Spain
Year: 2017
Running Time: 14 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Catalan with English subtitles
Cast: Nídia Chamorro, Ona Comas, Marta Marco, Ernest Villegas, Jordi Pla
Executive Producer: Danielle Schleif
Producer: Sergi Moreno, Tono Folguera
Screenwriter: Edu Sola
Cinematographer: Gris Jordana
Editor: Juliana Montañés, Clara Roquet
Art Director: Ana Pons-Formosa, Evelin Hernández
Music: Paul Tyan
Production Company: Lastor Media
Print Source: Marvin&Wayne


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