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Holy Air Image

Holy Air

Hawa Moqadda

Panorama | Contemporary World Cinema

A droll, melancholic and world-weary undercurrent runs throughout this alternately funny and tender satire about a subject you rarely see onscreen: the lives of modern Arab Christians in Israel. Adam (writer-director Shady Srour), a glum, unsuccessful 40-ish Arab-Christian businessman, living in Nazareth with his wife and reluctantly looking forward to the birth of his first child, decides to bottle the "holy air" from Mount Precipice and sell it to tourists. But there are a lot of people and circumstances—from gangsters demanding protection money and the priest who controls the market on Christian trinkets to his dying father—standing in his way… Reminiscent of the work of Elia Suleiman (even down to the stoic performing style of the bearded Srour) and peppered with inspired visual gags, Holy Air captures the spirit of a very confusing place, where Muslim, Jew and Christian are constantly either at odds with one another or competing for the tourist dollar…

"A winningly satiric comedy that’s as tenderhearted as it is sly… Writer-director Shady Srour has a soulful sad-sack quality as his film’s central character, Adam, a Christian Arab Israeli who’s not quite ready for fatherhood or for the painful fading of his ailing father… The humour in Holy Air is inseparable from its poignancy, and every element of the film expresses that interconnection, from the performances to the spirited, melancholy-laced score by Habib Shehadeh Hanna."—Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter

Canadian premiere
Director Shady Srour
Country of Origin: Israel
Year: 2017
Running Time: 81 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Arabic, Hebrew, English, French, Italian with English subtitles
Cast: Shady Srour, Laëtitia Eïdo, Shmulik Calderon, Tareq Copti, Dalia Okal, Bian Anteer
Producer: Ilan Moskovitch, Shady Srour
Cinematographer: Daniel Miller
Editor: Naaman Bishara
Production Design: Miguel Merkin
Music: Habib Shehadeh Hanna
Production Company: Tree M Productions / Cinema Virgin
Print Source: Samuel Goldwyn Films


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