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Karera Ga Honki De Amu Toki Wa

Gateway | Dragons & Tigers

Tender, touching and laced with humour, Naoko Ogigami’s film is also an act of courage. It tells the story of Tomo (Rinka Kakihara), a girl of 11 abandoned by her negligent mother (Mimura). Uncle Makio (Kenta Kiritani) is glad to take her in, but the welcome comes with a gentle warning: his live-in partner is a bit "unusual." She’s played by Ikuta Toma, one of Japan’s hottest young stars, and he steals the show with his note-perfect turn. That’s right: girlfriend Rinko is a trans woman—a surprise to Tomo and the source of her awakening. As this young girl gets an education in diversity, she also comes to see a world of human possibility that will change her life.

Ogigami directs with the gentlest of touches, but, however tranquil, her movie is forthright in its politics: it’s a portrait of difference without shame, defiance without apology. Rinko is a figure of pride, and it’s her example that gives the film its force in a world still marked by transphobia. Brave as an actor, graceful as a woman and convincing in his every gesture, Toma is the cornerstone of the film. In his character we see a beauty beyond the physical—an ideal of love for us all.

"Gentle, sweet-souled…this is a nuanced, softly lit family portrait, with compassion and conflict held carefully in balance."—Guy Lodge, Variety

Teddy Jury Award, Berlin 17; Audience Award, NY Asian Film Festival 17

Canadian premiere
Director Naoko Ogigami
Country of Origin: Japan
Year: 2017
Running Time: 127 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Japanese with English subtitles
Cast: Toma Ikuta, Rinka Kakihara, Kenta Kiritani, Mimura, Eiko Koike, Mugi Kadowaki
Executive Producer: Takashi Iguchi, Satoshi Hayakawa
Producer: Kumi Kobata, Mayumi Amano, Noriaki Takagi, Masashi Igarashi, Kenzo Ishiguro
Cinematographer: Kozo Shibasaki
Editor: Shinichi Fushima
Production Design: Mayumi Tomita
Music: Naoko Eto
Production Company: Paradise Café
Print Source: Nikkatsu Corporation


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