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Eye on Juliet Image

Eye on Juliet

True North | True North

Preoccupied with escaping the preordained life that awaits her and so many other women in her North African nation, Ayusha (Lina El Arabi) is unaware that she’s acquired a secret admirer in the unlikely form of Gordon (Joe Cole), a North America-based security specialist who watches her with rapt attention, albeit via the spider-like drone he remotely operates from his desk. Tasked with protecting a pipeline from potential sabotage, Gordon—heartbroken and bored out of his skull—instead finds himself increasingly embroiled in Ayusha’s tribulations as she refuses to be condemned to a loveless arranged marriage regardless of the consequences that her drastic measures might rain down upon her.

Open-hearted, unapologetically unconventional and visually enthralling, the lastest feature from Oscar-nominee/romantic fabulist Kim Nguyen (Rebelle; Two Lovers and a Bear) explores loneliness in the age of surveillance and the ability of simple communication to overcome deeply entrenched paranoia.

"Big Brother is always watching, this much we know—but what if he’s also a stand-up guy who really cares about you? Eye on Juliet is endearing in its exclusive adherence to such idealism… A winningly unvarnished presence, [Cole] locates a believably inarticulate, disconnected sadness behind Gordon’s open, professionally wearied gaze… The filmmaking, meanwhile, remains tastefully muted even at the script’s most romantically extravagant junctures…"—Guy Lodge, Variety

Director Kim Nguyen
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2017
Running Time: 90 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In English, Arabic with English subtitles
Cast: Joe Cole, Lina El Arabi
Executive Producer: Sébastien Beffa, Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, Valéry Guibal, François Yon, Mark Slone, Marie-Claude Poulin, Jeff Sackman
Producer: Pierre Even
Cinematographer: Christophe Collette
Editor: Richard Comeau
Production Design: Emmanuel Fréchette
Music: Timber Timbre
Production Company: Item 7
Print Source: eOne Films


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