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ALT | Altered States |

Having already established himself an Altered States favourite with lo-fi oddities The Incident and The Similars, Isaac Ezban now proves that he still has plenty of tricks left up his tailored-in-the-Twilight-Zone sleeve.

In his English language debut (shot right here in Vancouver), the Mexican wunderkind has envisioned a warped reality in which an ambitious group of app developers—Leena (Vice Principals’ Georgia King), Devin (Aml Ameen), Josh (Mark O’Brien) and Noel (Mr. Robot’s Martin Wallström)—stumble across a portal to the multiverse stowed away in their attic. Doing the time-warp again and again, they scavenge information from other realities, intending to give themselves a competitive advantage and generally better their lot in their own timeline. Instead, they put in motion their moral erosion and ensure that their looming day of reckoning grows all the more catastrophic.

An inspired new entry to Ezban’s enviable early career oeuvre, Parallel also takes its place in a hallowed lineage of speculative narratives—both on-screen and bound between paper covers—that delve into how ethics and identity distort when traditional rules no longer apply. Ezban brings his own skewed sensibility to some of sci-fi’s classic "what if"s, confirming himself to be one of the genre’s talents to watch. Accept no substitutes!

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Director Isaac Ezban
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2018
Running Time: 104 mins
Format: DCP Encrypted
Cast: Aml Ameen, Alyssa Diaz, David Harewood, Georgia King, Mark O'Brien, Kathleen Quinlan, Martin Wallström
Producer: Garrick Dion, Matthias Mellinghaus
Screenwriter: Scott Blaszak
Cinematographer: Karim Hussain
Editor: Edy Lan
Production Design: James Hazell
Distributor: Bron Studios


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