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Sea to Sky | BC Spotlight

February 2010: as Canada battles the United States for men’s hockey supremacy at the Winter Olympics, a handful of engrossing, life-and-death dramas unfold in the back alleys, seedy bars and SROs of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Filmmaker Wayne Wapeemukwa invites some of the city’s marginalized citizens to step into starring roles (including Angel Gates, who’s proven a magnetic screen presence in the director’s short films, and Ms. Rollergirl, who’s served as self-appointed crossing guard at many a Vancouver intersection) and he shines an interrogation room lamp on the urban realities we’re often too eager to avert our eyes from. In the process he crafts a discordant city symphony that charts Vancouver’s complexities. An unflinching portrait of "glib patriotism" run amok on unceded territory, Luk’Luk’I is provocative and dazzling in turn.

"A good film festival always yields some fresh discoveries from filmmakers who tackle hard questions and shake things up with film form… The audaciously innovative Luk’Luk’I (pronounced Luck Lucky)… recalls the work of Abbas Kiarostami with its poetic blend of reality and fiction… [Wapeemukwa’s film] revisits the Vancouver Games at a moment of hyper-nationalism circa Canada 150, and the divide between Canada as we present it and Canada as it really exists is more pronounced than ever."—Patrick Mullen, POV Magazine

Best Canadian First Feature, Toronto 17

Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2017
Running Time: 90 mins
Format: DCP
Cast: Angel Gates, Eric Buurman, Joe Dion Buffalo, Ken Harrower, Ms. Rollergirl
Executive Producer: James Brown, Gary Harvey, Chelsea McMullan
Producer: Matt Drake, Spencer Hahn, Wayne Wapeemukwa
Cinematographer: Jeremy Cox
Editor: Wayne Wapeemukwa
Production Design: Sophie Jarvis
Music: Daniel J.K. Ross
Production Company: Sound & Colour
Print Source: White Hart Post
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