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Out of the Frying Pan … + Dazzling Anime Shorts

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A middle-aged poet lives with his alcoholic father and newly arrived stepmother in a fantastically cluttered house, but they don’t eat together—or even speak much. Gradually, though, things change. Komatsu’s debut could be the funniest deadpan tragi-comedy since Jim Jarmusch started out. With a selection of six dazzling alternative anime shorts from Japan.

Out of the Frying Pan…

Director: Komatsu Takashi / Japan, 2016, 47 min.
Hiroshi, 35, doesn’t have a job and spends most of his time in his room, trying to write poetry. He shares the house with his alcoholic widower father Masao, 65, but their lives never intersect. Then Masao tries internet dating and finds Sumiko, 64, on a matchmaking site. Will she overcome their reliance on junk food? Will she manage to clean up the unbelievably cluttered house? And why does she keep collecting frying pans?
Komatsu’s very striking debut film could be the funniest deadpan tragi-comedy since Jim Jarmusch started out. It’s impeccably plotted, endearingly acted and altogether original: a true delight. It’s no doubt entirely coincidental that Komatsu himself is the same age as the son, and does share a house with his father. But the frying pans? They’re pure fiction.
Tony Rayns

I Have the Future

Director: Ouchi Rieko / Japan, 2016, 15 min.
Scenes from the life of a girl whose mother is a ghost and whose father is a cat. Grand Prix, Image Forum Festival 2016.

Datum Point

Director: Orikasa Ryo / Japan, 2015, 7 min.
How does water gather? Powerful evocations of earthquake and tsunami across a landscape of clay, anchored in Ishihara Yoshiro’s poem Datum Point.


Director: Nove Hayato / Japan, 2016, 18 min.
Humanoid figures are born from plant-pods and face a life-cycle of obstacles, challenges and stimuli.


Director: Nakanishi Yoshihisa / Japan, 2016, 5 min.
A technically and conceptually brilliant work of paper-craft animation.


Director: Sato Yoshinao / Japan, 2016, 6 min.
Bet you wish your Apple-Mac was hot like this! Based on researching the ‘Finder’ function on the Mac OSX, Yosemite.

The Laughing Spider

Director: Tanaami Keiichi / Japan, 2016, 7 min.
A psychedelic fantasmagoria from Japan’s greatest veteran animator, based on childhood memories of air-raids.
Director Various
Country of Origin: Japan
Year: 2016
Running Time: 105 mins
Format: HDCAM


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