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Let’s Compare Mythologies

ALT | Shorts Programs

Featuring: As Dinosaurs; Cabbie; Cave of Sighs; Clouds; DataMine; I Am Here; The New Canada; Parent, Teacher; Your Mother and I

As Dinosaurs

Director: Émilie Rosas / Canada, 2016, 17 min.
Convinced that the Apocalypse is imminent, a teenager readies himself by gleaning wisdom from Randall Wallace’s writing.


Director: Jessica Parsons, Jennifer Chiu / Canada, 2015, 12 min.
Three taxi drivers navigate Vancouver in a dreamlike meditation on trust, chance and the transformative power of human connection.

Cave of Sighs

Director: Nathan Douglas / Canada, 2016, 11 min.
A casual hook-up’s path to the bedroom is obstructed by a collection of Byzantine icons and the conversations they inspire.


Director: Diego Maclean / Canada, 2016, 12 min.
Looking to the heavens for direction on his village’s next ritual sacrifice, an old man is greeted by an unusual vision.


Director: Tim Tracey / Canada, 2016, 6 min.
In an industrial-grade nightmarish realm, the surveillance society flourishes and internet addiction runs rampant.

I Am Here

Director: Eoin Duffy / Canada, 2016, 5 min.
Having travelled the universe for aeons, our protagonist attempts to share his findings but finds his wisdom falling on deaf ears.

The New Canada

Director: Alexander Carson / Canada, 2016, 10 min.
Travelling between Toronto and Buffalo, Sal reconciles her past and future while reflecting on friendship, place and possibility.

Parent, Teacher

Director: Roman Tchjen / Canada, 2015, 12 min.
After his son attacks another student, a father becomes embroiled in an impassioned debate with the boy’s well-meaning teacher.

Your Mother and I

Director: Anna Maguire / Canada/UK, 2016, 14 min.
Johanna’s parents changed the world—or so her dad would have her believe. As he prattles on endlessly, will they actually communicate?
Country of Origin: Canada
Running Time: 99 mins


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