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A Copy of My Mind

Gateway | Dragons & Tigers

What seems at first glance to be the most unrealistic element in A Copy of My Mind turns out to be the faithful reflection of a reality. At one point in the story we enter a prison and see a bossy woman prisoner who lives in pampered luxury, enjoying privileges denied to everyone else in the building. Every Indonesian immediately recognises these scenes as a reference to a real-life woman political fixer who’s been banged up for corruption and who really does enjoy those privileges behind bars. Political satire? You bet.

Before it turns into a noir-ish thriller with that strong political edge, Joko Anwar’s devastating new movie looks like a raunchy low-life love story: Alek, a subtitler of pirated DVDs, meets Sari, a young beautician, and they find plenty of ways to amuse themselves in his room. Things start to go wrong when Sari reluctantly accepts a job doing the hair of that woman prisoner. While she’s visiting the jail, Sari can’t resist nicking a DVD from the woman’s shelves—and it turns out to contain some very compromising legal evidence. There are people in Jakarta who want that disc back, no matter what the cost, and Alek and Sari soon find themselves on a fast track to hell. It’s all sharper (and sexier!) than a tabloid headline, and you’ll be amused to note that one of the pirated DVDs is a Bruce LaBruce movie—so there’s even a slight Canada connection!
Tony Rayns

Director Joko Anwar
Country of Origin: Indonesia/South Korea
Year: 2015
Running Time: 116 mins
Format: DCP
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Cast: Basro, Chicco Jerikho
Producer: Jeong Taesung, Joko Anwar, Tia Hasibuan
Screenwriter: Joko Anwar
Cinematographer: Ical Tanjung
Editor: Arifin Cuunk
Production Design: Windu Arifin
Music: RooftopSound
Production Company: Lo-Fi Flicks / CJ Entertainment
Print Source: CJ Entertainment


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