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Changjiang tu

Gateway | Dragons & Tigers

The core of the film is surreal, almost supernatural—a man and a woman from a different time and space travel against each other, progressively and retrogressively at the same.

- Yang Chao

It has been over ten years since Beijing Film Academy graduate Yang Chao’s last feature film Passages (2004), but the wait was more than worth it. Poetic, enigmatic and achingly beautiful, this long-awaited masterpiece opens new directions for Chinese cinema.

Gao Chun (Qin Hao) is a young captain hired to take a small cargo ship up the Yangtze River. One day he finds a handwritten book of poetry hidden in the boat. The nameless poet’s abstrusely beautiful texts work their way into Gao’s soul. He disembarks at every port on his journey, and at each landing he has a vision of a mysterious woman, An Lu (newcomer Xin Zhilei)… or is it perhaps a series of women, issued from a magical alchemy the poems provoke inside his imagination? Their encounters become increasingly intimate, but once the ship passes the Three Gorges Dam she disappears.

The great cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bin works with Yang to create landscapes of overwhelming beauty: their choice of 35mm film produces radiant, light-infused images of palpable power and unlimited depth. Sensuality made visible: a triumph of cinematic art.
Shelly Kraicer

Best Cinematography, Berlin 16

Canadian premiere
Director Yang Chao
Country of Origin: China
Year: 2015
Running Time: 116 mins
Format: 4K DCP
Language:In Mandarin with English subtitles
Cast: Qin Hao, Xin Zhi Lei, Wu Lipeng, Wang Hongwei, Jiang Hualin, Tan Kai
Executive Producer: Yang Jing, Wang Yu, Shen Peijin, Song Jianqiang, Zhu Kaiying, Jin Yue
Producer: Wang Yu, Yang Jing, Ha Bo
Screenwriter: Yang Chao
Cinematographer: Mark Lee Ping-Bin
Editor: Yang Mingming, Kong Jinlei
Production Design: Zhao Ye
Music: An Wei
Production Company: Trend Cultural Investment / Ray Production / Just Show Production Beijing / Shandogn Jiabo Culture Development Co. / Les Petites Lumieres / Eracme Cultural and Media / Central Studio of News Reels Production / Beijing New Century Media
Print Source: Cheng Cheng Films LLC


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