A day in the life of a tenacious teenage girl as she pursues her dream of becoming a socially conscious slam poet, agitating her stiflingly traditional surroundings in the process.

Screens in program VIFF Short Forum: Programme 2

World premiere
Director Icon Director
Meysam Motazedi

Rojan Molanian, Juan Jaramillo
Producer Soledad Vega
Screenwriter Meysam Motazedi
Cinematographer Peter Hadfield
Editor Alexander Farah
Production Company Mad Amendments
Source Soledad Vega
Canada 2019 15 min. English, Persian with English subtitles Official Website | Trailer


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Motazedi, Meysam headshot


Meysam Motazedi is an Iranian-Canadian filmmaker. As a third-culture kid fascinated by themes of identity and cross-cultural communication, he routinely explores the eccentric stories of those living on the fringe of society. He is currently based in Toronto, Canada.