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VIFF at Home

VIFF is teaming up with independent distributors to offer curated online streaming opportunities: the chance to savour some of the movies we had planned to present at Vancity Theatre this spring in the safety of your own home.

Half of your on-demand screening fee will come back to VIFF to help us weather these unprecedented times.

Thanks for your support and please enjoy, share, and come back for more online programming soon.

Now Streaming

Wind back the clock and re-visit your favourite filmmaker conversations from over the years at VIFF.

We'll be highlighting some of the standout sessions on our channels, or you can dive into the archives on our Vimeo.

Being Charlie Kaufman
VIFF 2009 
We're very excited for the upcoming release of Charlie Kaufman's film adaptation of Iain Reid's novel I'm Thinking of Ending Things for Netflix. While we're waiting, check out our VIFF session with Charlie from 2009, where he talks about his process writing Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Second Time Around
VIFF 1999 
Hear Doug Liman, Alexander Payne and Jeremy Podeswa talk about the trials and tribulations of writing, directing and distributing their 2nd features in this (black & white) throwback to VIFF's 1999 Trade Forum. All three panelists went on to become award-winning filmmakers, with hits like The Bourne Identity, The Descendants and Game of Thrones on their individual filmographies.


The VIFF Podcast brings you exclusive in-depth conversations with industry-leading filmmakers, creators and cultural luminaries recorded live at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Listen as Michael Moore, Jane Goodall, Rob McElhenney and RZA (just to name a few) share candour and insights into their creative process.

New episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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40 Days to Learn Film
dir. Mark Cousins (2020)
Indefatigable Irish cinephile Mark Cousins will be familiar to VIFF audiences for his nonfiction essays The Eyes of Orson Welles and A Story of Children and Film, as well as his magnum opus, The Story of Film. Holed up in his Edinburgh home last week, he fashioned this typically unorthodox and stimulating alternative take on film studies.
The Green Fog
dir. Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson (2017)
This multi-experiential, visual and sound collage created by award-winning filmmaker and cultural iconoclast Guy Maddin and collaborators Evan and Galen Johnson (The Forbidden Room) re-imagines Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Originally commissioned by SFFILM with support from Nion McEvoy and Stanford Live, The Green Fog features the world-renowned Kronos Quartet performing a score composed by Jacob Garchik.
Indigenous Cinema Collection
dir. Various (1917 -2018)
Discover the NFB’s rich online collection of Indigenous-made films.
International Documentary Film Festival
dir. Various
The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam is arguably the most prestigious non fiction film festival in the world. You can stream hundreds of docs of all lengths here, most of them for free, on every topic under the sun

A 6 Pack of BC Shorts
dir. Various
Not only do these shorts showcase the talent of filmmakers who call this city home, they also take us into areas of the city, suburbs and province that currently lay beyond our reach. Whether it’s a retelling of a Langley schoolyard scuffle, a journey to an industrial ghost town, or a ride along with Vancouver taxi drivers, these are films - and filmmakers - deserving of discovery.
SXSW 2020 Shorts
dir. Various
We are proud to support the efforts of Oscilloscope Laboratories and Mailchimp in their partnership to launch the #SupportTheShorts platform, a free website now streaming the Official SXSW 2020 Short Films. While there's no replacing the theatrical experience, we are glad to see these shorts made available to the world now. Join us in celebrating the achievements of these filmmakers!

VIFF Blog Weekly Roundup
by Dan Sallitt
One doesn’t expect consistency of style from a production company, especially one with a mission statement proclaiming “a focus on unique, director-driven projects.” And yet one gets a bit of it from MDFF (Medium Density Fiberboard Films), the Toronto-based imprint of Kazik Radwanski and Daniel Montgomery...


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