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Welcome to Cardholder Day, 2017!

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Online, Cardholder Day starts at 12 noon (PST) through to 12 noon on August 19.


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Cardholder Day Ticket Packs and Passes

Can't see anything here? Cardholder Day starts at 12 noon (PST) and the Packs and Passes won't appear until then.

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Remember: only Patrons Circle and VIFF+ Silver/Gold Members can access the Cardholder Day discounts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Still have questions? Feel free to email the VIFF+ team: plus@viff.org

Cardholder Day is one special discount day that gives VIFF+ members the opportunity to purchase VIFF Ticket Packs and (one) VIFF Pass before they are on sale to the general public. Only Silver and Gold VIFF+ members get access to Cardholder Day discounts, Bronze members get discounts on single tickets during the festival but would need to upgrade to Silver or Gold to benefit from the Cardholder Day 25% discount.

If you are a VIFF+ member and would like to attend Cardholder Day at Vancity Theatre, please log in to your VIFF account and RSVP to the event.


VIFF+ is VIFF Year Round and Vancouver International Film Festival's customer loyalty program. Our wonderful members are film lovers who like to receive discounts on film tickets, invitations to free screenings and talks, free popcorn and the chance to purchase their Film Festival Ticket Packs and Passes in advance, with a discount. Find out more here.


On Cardholder Day, VIFF+ Silver and Gold members get 25% off the standard price of VIFF Ticket Packs, and 25% off one VIFF Pass. Outside of Cardholder Day, Silver VIFF+ Members get festival Ticket Packs and one VIFF Pass at a 15% discount, while Gold VIFF+ Members get a 20% discount on the same. 


Bronze VIFF+ Members are absolutely welcome to take part in the Cardholder Day activities taking place at Vancity Theatre on August 18th.

The day is a celebration of our loyal members, so Bronze VIFF+ Members can come and enjoy free tea, coffee, and popcorn, attend the 'Meet the Programmers' event and also watch the free screening.

However, the Bronze level doesn't get additional discounts on Cardholder Day - although the Bronze level gets $2 off VIFF single tickets once they are on sale. If you have become a Bronze member in 2017 and want to upgrade to Silver to get bigger festival savings, click this link to upgrade now and we will upgrade you to Silver so that you can purchase your ticket packs or pass on the 18th (your membership expiry date will stay the same). The upgrade is the chance to top up your membership, and you get the Silver Membership at a slight discount! ($50/$40 to upgrade).


If your current VIFF+ or Patrons Circle Membership was used to discount your VIFF Ticket Packs or Passes last year, you will need to renew your membership slightly early as the festival benefits only apply once per membership year.

For most people, there will only be a difference of a couple of weeks between your membership's original expiry date and this year's Cardholder Day event.

However, if you have any questions or concerns see a Box Office or VIFF staff member for more information.


Not yet!

Passes will be printed closer to the festival and will be available to be picked up once our festival box office opens on September 14th. However, you will receive an email confirmation of your order at the time of booking when you purchase online. Ticket Packs act like a credit on your account for festival tickets and so these will be redeemable online and via our festival Box Offices as soon as single tickets are on sale; September 7th (Online) and September 14th (at the Vancity Theatre Box Office) and September 28 (all venue Box Offices). 


Essentially, a Ticket Pack is a series of credits towards tickets for the number of films in the pack. So, if you buy a ten Ticket Pack, you will be able to log into your account once individual tickets are onsale (or visit the Box Office once it opens in September) and use the credits from your ticket pack to redeem ten tickets.

A screening pass gives you access to an allotment of seats that are held for passholders for every screening up until 20 minutes before showtime. Regular screening Passes do not guarantee seats - if you arrive within 20 minutes of a screening or if a passholder allocation for a screening has been reached, you may have to join the Standby line to see if any seats become available, or you may not be admitted at all (although this is relatively rare!).

Platinum Passes, however, get you preferred access to all screenings including galas and special presentations (but not gala parties). Seats are reserved in the theatre - in a good spot! - up until 5 minutes prior to showtime, after which they will be released to the general public. Passes are not transferable and you may be asked to provide photo ID at our festival venues to prove you are the rightful passholder.


Ticket Packs are valid on regular and matinee screenings. If you wanted to see a special presentation with your Ticket Pack, you can still redeem it for the majority of the ticket price but there is a $2 per ticket upgrade fee which would be added to your order. Similarly, if you wanted to attend a gala screening using your Ticket Pack, there would be an additional charge of $7 added to your shopping cart per ticket. This is because special presentation and gala screenings have a higher ticket price than regular tickets.



A big benefit of being a VIFF+ member is that you don't have to pay service charges when you book your tickets, Packs or Passes. Each member gets access to one reduced price ticket per screening when single tickets are on sale, but if you keep an eye out for any tickets with '(VIFF+ Guest)' next to them - and a star beside them - it means you can also book a regular priced ticket for a friend without incurring the usual $1 per ticket service charge (up to a max $4 per order) online.

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