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Virtual Reality Day


VIFF 2017 Virtual Reality Day | NEXT
Friday, October 6, 2017

The Expanding Frontiers in Storytelling series will transport attendees into the new mediums of VR and AR, with key insights from some of the most respected futurists in the world as well as conversations and demos from leading VR creators, companies, technologists and distributors. Presented by Creative BC, this is a must-attend event for anyone looking to understand or hoping to capitalize on this transformational medium.

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Virtual reality offers a powerful new way to tell stories. By enabling us to BE in these worlds, the experience is fundamentally different and can leave lasting memories unlike any other medium. Join Vicki Dobbs Beck, Executive in Charge of ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s Immersive Entertainment division, as she shares ILMxLAB’s journey of discovery over the two years since its launch and concludes with a look toward the future.


Vicki Dobbs Beck, Executive in Charge of ILMxLAB

Moving from the wow of VR to true cinematic immersive narrative.

Games, room scale interactivity and immersive experiences represent the stuff of VR. While those genres continue to grow and refine, narrative also presents great opportunities to storytellers. Filmmakers are creating a new cinematic language and bringing about the dawn of a new age in storytelling. What are the challenges of this new medium? What are the workflows and how does the production process change? From hardware to software to the story itself we’ll talk about the emergence of cinematic VR.


Celine Tricart, Founder Lucid Dreams Productions

Chris Bobitus, Director of Immersive Mettle/Adobe

Michael Mansouri, Co-Founder Radiant Images

Guy Primus, CEO and CO-Founder, The Virtual Reality Company


Brian Seth Hurst, Moderator, Chief StoryTeller, President StoryTech Immersive

Fireside Chat: Bear 71 VR.

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is making groundbreaking, immersive virtual reality experiences more accessible than ever―starting with a VR reinvention of the NFB’s multi-award-winning interactive doc, Bear 71.

Originally launched in 2012, Bear 71 is an acclaimed interactive multi-user online experience told from the point of view of an omniscient female grizzly bear―dubbed “Bear 71” by the park rangers who track her. Created by Jeremy Mendes, Leanne Allison and the NFB, Bear 71 explores how we coexist with wildlife in the age of networks, surveillance, and digital information.

Created in collaboration with Google’s Chrome and VR teams, IDFA DocLab and Sound and Vision, Bear 71 VR is available in WebVR and can also be viewed as a 2D interactive experience.


Janine Steele, Director of Production & Operations, Digital at National Film Board of Canada

Charlie Fink, VR and Tech Consultant, Journalist and Author

Where are we in the rapid development of the virtual reality ecosystem?

As the Virtual Reality Ecosystem develops it not only takes on some traditional characteristics of old entertainment business models, but it’s giving rise to some new ones. Investments have been made in technology, but who is investing in content and how do you access it? What are the current distribution strategies and the deals that are being made?


Robin Prybill, Director, Worldwide Media & Entertainment, Content & Distribution, AMD Studios

Max Weiss, Producer, Kaleidoscope VR

Tony Mugavero, CEO, Littlstar

Becca Friedman Content Acquisition Manager, HTC Vive Viveport


Irena Cronin, Moderator, President & CEO Spout Reality

L.A. Noir- Nine groundbreaking virtual reality films from The New York Times Magazine.

The 2016 Great Performers series "L.A. Noir" consists of nine groundbreaking VR films showcasing the best actors of the year. Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, each film invites you to step into the scene and play a character opposite such notables as Casey Affleck, Natalie Portman, Ruth Negga, and Kristen Stewart.


Armando Kirwin, Director of VIrtual Reality

Christine Walsh, Producer, New York Times

Julia Hamilton Trost, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Google


Brian Seth Hurst, Moderator, Chief Storyteller and President, StoryTech Immersive

VR has powerful applications to journalism, documentary and the business of presenting the issues.

Journalists and documentarians continue to discover the power of Virtual Reality and their ability to impact viewers by immersing them in news stories and circumstances, giving people stories in a way never thought possible. In the last four years the technology has changed in terms of the size of cameras and editing, live streaming in 360 has become a reality and best practices are being established.  Our panelists will share those best practices and lessons as well as the stories that taught those lessons.


Rose Troche, Director, Producer & Screenwriter

Angel Manuel Soto, Director, /RYOT

Zahra Rasool, Editorial Lead , Contrast VR


Caitlin Burns, Executive Producer, StoryTech Immersive

VR has powerful applications to journalism, documentary and the business of presenting the issues.

With branded content having a foothold in traditional and digital media, is it now revolutionizing 360 content?

Technological evolution and digital distribution have revolutionized production and Branded entertainment has been a big trend in content over the last 5 years and increasingly, brands seem to be acting as media companies not only by sponsoring content, but also by producing and distributing content. Is this trend now translating into 360 and VR content with advertising and programming? And if it is, what are the opportunities for storytellers and production companies?


Brian Roth, VP Sales, Immersiv

Ryan Pulliam, Co-Founder and CMO Specular Theory

Michael Rucker, COO, OmniVirt

Jake Black, Head of Virtual Reality, Create Advertising


Jonas Hudson, Moderator, Co-Founder CausePlay & 360 AdSpots


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