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VIFF Industry Exchange

VIFF Industry Exchange | NEXT
Thursday, October 5, 2017

Disruption. In some ways this seems to be the hallmark of the ever-evolving digital entertainment market. And that market is “glocal,” with key players filling both local and international pipelines. While the television industry adapts, the digital landscape is an ecosystem that continues to grow while still leaving room for upstarts amongst the tall trees. This program, presented by CMPA-BC, with support from Creative BC, Telefilm Canada, Canada Media Fund, Delta Air Lines and Western Economic Diversification Canada, is the perfect opportunity for executives and content creators to learn about the latest trends and developments and join industry leaders as they discuss the global environment and the opportunities it presents.

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The traditional, the digital and the upstarts vie for content and eyeballs.

The television universe has expanded - almost exponentially so with offerings coming from broadcasters, cable and premium networks and the not so new kids on the block Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and more recently YouTube with subscription product “Red” and now Facebook. What does this mean for commissioners, content creators, distributors and most of all viewers? Is there too much television?


Damon Berger, VP Global Strategic Partnerships, Fullscreen


Changes in production technology and distribution create new opportunities in news and doc filmmaking.

Technological evolution and digital distribution have revolutionized production and distribution of documentary filmmaking. Likewise, the television journalism is now a business where the on-demand news cycle is never ending. We’ll check-in with where things are now.


Marie Clements, Filmmaker Marie Clements Media,

Paula Elias, Studio Director, StoryUP

Bronte Lord, Producer CNNVR

Caitlin Burns, Moderator,Executive Producer, StoryTech®  Immersive

Steve Talbot, Producer, ITVS


The creators of the YouTube Red hit Escape the Night talk about the show.

What does it take to produce a digital hit with a rabid fan base? We’ll talk to the creative team of YouTube Red-scripted hit series “Escape the Night” which follows a cast of YouTube stars playing a cast of characters who must solve a mystery in order to escape with their lives intact.


Adam Lawson, Executive Producer Showrunner Brian Graden Productions

Ari Weiner, Executive Producer, Brian Graden Productions

Catherine Keithley, Executive Producer, Casting Director, Brian Graden Productions


Brian Seth Hurst, Moderator, Chief Storyteller, StoryTech® Immersive


Following the Creative Canada announcement last week, join the Hon. Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, as she outlines the Government of Canada's vision for cultural and creative industries in a digital world.


Un Canada créatif : Une vision pour les industries créatives canadiennes
Joignez-vous à l’honorable Mélanie Joly, ministre du Patrimoine canadien, qui présentera la vision du gouvernement du Canada pour les industries culturelles et créatives dans un monde numérique.


There used to be an entrenched process for commissioning, pitching, funding and distributing  shows, but the game has and continues to change. 

The Platforms that Revolutionized the TV Business. Today, the TV business isn’t what it used to be and tomorrow it is not likely to be the way it is today! The new platforms have literally changed the game. Executives from the key platforms will talk about what has changed and what is changing for content creators, production companies, distributors and the audience.


John P. Roberts, Chief Content Officer, Pure Imagination Studios

Daniel Tibbetts, President and General Manager, El Rey Networks

Caitlin Burns, Executive Producer, Storytech Immersive


Fireside Chat with Joe Staffel President, Madison + Vine

Brands as Media Companies. While many brands see the need to create content and act as media companies as absolutely necessary. IN this Fireside Chat,  industry executives, content producers and creatives will  gain a great understanding of how a brand culture can translate into and transform content.

Named “Boutique Agency of the Year for 2017 by ThinkLA, Madison + Vine has a unique model for branded content and production that has positively disrupted the industry. A dedication to emerging filmmakers is part of their DNA. The company's clients include Lady Gaga, Panda Express, Samsung and Taco Bell.

Joe Staffel, President, Madison + Vine


The ins and outs of funding independent film (and TV!).

Going the independent route is not for everyone, but from traditional film to digital and even virtual reality, independent filmmaking is thriving. Funding has its challenges, but it also has its solutions. Bryan Sullivan brings his expertise as a legal strategist and an expert negotiator to help filmmakers successfully navigate an ever changing environment.


Bryan Sullivan, Partner Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McCrae, LLP


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Every year the CMF researches key trends in the North American and Canadian media marketplace that are essential to the development of traditional and new media environments, learn what’s in store for 2018 and beyond.


What does Immersive Entertainment (AR/VR/MR) mean to, and for, the entertainment industry?

It seems that no part of the entertainment industry has ever moved as fast as Virtual Reality. There’s a lot of hype and for creators it can represent a technological morass that becomes subversive rather than immersive.

Baobab Studios, creators of the Emmy(R) award winning “Invasion”  is a pioneering virtual reality animation studio that has built a bridge between traditional animation and VR.


Larry Cutler, Chief Technology Officer, Baobab Studios


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