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Registration Opens Summer 2016

The Vancouver International Film Festival is one of the largest celebrations of film in North America. For 16 days every fall, VIFF hosts many local, national and International filmmakers and fans, presents over 600 Screenings, numerous Q+A Sessions, the VIFF Industry Conference, and several signature Galas. We couldn't do all that without you!

Join our superb volunteer core and take part in making VIFF one of the best film festivals in one of the most spectacular cities on the planet.

About VIFF

How Do I Become A Volunteer?

Volunteer Departmental Descriptions 

Volunteer Commitments

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Commitment To A Safe Work Environment

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About VIFF

Vancouver International Film Festival welcomes some of the world's finest films to one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. For 16 days, almost 350 films from over 70 countries will play on nine screens. Plus: Dozens of directors, writers and actors will be on hand for insightful—and occasionally provocative—post-screening Q&A sessions. In addition to entertaining and essential viewing for film lovers, VIFF also provides invaluable resources for media professionals with VIFF Industry Conference’s development sessions, one-on-one meetings and networking receptions.

Volunteers are an essential and valued part of VIFF. They help to create a successful world class Festival year-after-year. Our team of over 700 volunteers, in collaboration with staff, and directors create an internationally renowned and appreciative space for filmmakers and audience members to share their love of film and the film industry.

Vancouver International Film Festival Volunteer Value Statement 

Volunteers are essential to the operation, and integral to the success of the Vancouver International Film Festival. We at VIFF value the time, skill, experience, knowledge, and commitment contributed by our volunteers. We value volunteering as an opportunity for people to connect, engage and discover joint solutions through the sharing of an individual’s experience both outside and within VIFF. We are committed to offering our volunteers appropriate and meaningful responsibilities, suitable orientation and training, effective leadership, evaluation, and recognition. Volunteers are expected to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, and to be ambassadors of VIFF, sharing the experience and love of Film and Filmmaking with all who attend the Festival and its related events.

The Vancouver International Film Festival abides by all required Human Rights and Non-Discrimination legislation when selecting and assigning volunteers. No person will be denied the ability to volunteer for any reason or combination of reasons covered by said legislation.

How Do I Become A Volunteer? 

Any person 18 and over can apply to be a volunteer (Some venues require volunteers to be 19 or over). Be sure to browse through our website and familiarize yourself with VIFF and our operations. Please review the Volunteer Departmental Descriptions (In progress. Please check back for detailed descriptions.) before applying and then head over to our online Volunteer Application Form to create a volunteer account.

  • All potential applicants must fill out a Volunteer Application form and go through a phone screening before being accepted as VIFF volunteers.
  • All information requested must be filled out fully and accurately to ensure placement.
  • Volunteer applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Our pre-screening calls can begin any time after August 15th. Please be patient as we receive a high volume of applications. 
  • Volunteer positions are filled based on previous VIFF experience, work and life related skills, and selected departmental preferences. Please keep in mind that some departments require specific skills and qualifications. We will go over this information and any special requirements during our screening process.
  • Once accepted you will be assigned to a Festival Team, specific information regarding your role with that Team will be provided to you by your Team Manager once you have been assigned.
  • Specific departmental training and venue orientation will occur in the week immediately preceding the Festival.
  • Some Departmental volunteers may be asked to begin as early as September 1st. Training and orientation will precede this start date if applicable.

Volunteer Commitment 

All VIFF Volunteers are required to volunteer a minimum of 32 hours. Volunteers may also be asked to attend mandatory meetings or training sessions prior to The Festival depending on the department they are assigned to.

All Volunteers are expected to abide by the VIFF Code of Conduct, Harassment Policy, and Code of Ethics provided with the Volunteer Handbook.

All Volunteers should expect to work hard, have fun and make friends!

Volunteer Perks

In addition to joining the amazing VIFF team all volunteers who complete their 32 hour minimum can expect to receive:

  • Entry to the one of the Best Film Festivals in Western Canada. The Volunteer Pass allows entry to all regular VIFF screenings on a first come first serve basis. Seating cannot be guaranteed for any screenings. (Galas, and a limited number of hosted screenings are excluded from the Volunteer Pass)
  • An exclusive Festival Volunteer T-shirt.
  • Entry to Exclusive VIFF Volunteer Appreciation Events.
  • Special offers, screenings and promotions exclusive to volunteers.

Commitment To A Safe Work Environment

VIFF ensures we provide a safe community and work environment for all volunteers, and staff. Fostering such an environment includes:

  • respectful treatment of volunteers by staff members
  • training and support from the Team Managers and Volunteer Coordinator to ensure a safe and secure work experience
  • compliance with provincial health and safety regulations; meeting all necessary legal requirements to protect its volunteers

Do you need more information or want to contact the Festival?

Email: volunteer@viff.org