Mongrel Media 20th Anniversary

Since 1994, when Hussain Amarshi founded the company, Mongrel Media has carved out an ever more important niche as a distributor of speciality, art-house and independent film. Mixing business acumen with great taste and conviction, Mongrel has grown to become a vital and vigorous player in a challenging period for the distribution sector. Like VIFF, Mongrel has looked harder and further than most in the film industry, to find the kind of cinematic gems that could otherwise get passed over in the mainstream. As VIFF director of programming Alan Franey notes, “What strikes me as I survey Mongrel's extraordinary catalogue is how much we have come to rely on them for supplying to Canada many of the world's best films every year.” 

In this ten-film tribute we’re celebrating the diversity and quality of Mongrel’s collection over four consecutive Sundays running up to the festival (with a couple of musical treats screening in our parallel Music Mondays sidebar). These movies run the gamut from Canadian documentary (the Vancouver-made The Corporation) to Pedro Almodovar’s Academy Award-winning (and very strange) romance Talk to Her, thrillers like A Prophet and The Lives of Others (both screening on 35mm incidentally), and  films from Asia, South America, and the Middle East. Not surprisingly they include many audience prize-winners from festivals past, including both the first title in the series, A Separation (Aug 31), and the last, Like Father, Like Son (Sept 21). Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary, Mongrel Media, and many happy returns!