The Act of Killing (Theatrical cut)

Program Running Time 115 min.

Vancity Theatre is pleased to present both the theatrical (115 minute) version and the 159-minute Director’s Cut.

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Directed By: Joshua Oppenheimer
(Denmark, Indonesia, 2012, 115 mins)

Probably the most radical and powerful film you will experience this year, The Act of Killing is a searing expose of political amnesia and impunity in Indonesia, where the gangsters and thugs behind the murders of millions are celebrated as champions of free enterprise. It is also a surreal, provocative exploration of the psyches of these men - killers who proudly re-enact their atrocities for the camera, willing collaborators in their own cinematic bonfire of the vanities.

"I have not seen a film as surreal, and frightening in at least a decade… Unprecedented in the history of cinema." Werner Herzog