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Duration: 1hr 30mins
Country of Origin: Italy, 2014
Director: Tony Girardin


Mar 31 06:30 pm
Apr 01 08:50 pm
Apr 02 06:30 pm
Apr 03 04:30 pm
Apr 04 04:30 pm
Apr 05 07:30 pm
Apr 08 06:30 pm
Apr 13 04:30 pm
Duration: 1hr 59mins
Country of Origin: Hungary, 2014
Director: Kornél Mundruczó


Mar 31 08:20 pm
Apr 01 06:30 pm
Apr 02 08:20 pm
Apr 04 02:00 pm
Apr 05 03:00 pm

Vancity Theatre News

There is an added screening of SONG OF THE SEA on March 11, 4:30pm. The screening of AWAKE on March 13 begins at 1pm, not 3pm as stated in the printed calendar.