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(Bande de filles)
Duration: 113 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening

Fed up with her abusive family situation, lack of school prospects and the “boys’ law” in the neighborhood, Marieme (Karidja Touré) starts a new life after meeting a group of three free-spirited girls. She changes her name, her style, drops out of school and starts stealing to be accepted into the gang. Tomboy director Celine Sciamma may not approve of these choices but she revels in the exuberance of adolescent discovery - the euphoria of first love, fast friends, and living on the edge - while lip-synching to Rihanna.

“It’s the feminist answer to Boyhood, yet it manages to dig deeper ... Girlhood is one of the most exceptional films you’ll see this year. Truly a must-see. Highly recommended!” — Jeff Nelson, DVD Talk

"One of the best coming of age movies in years!" — Eric Kohn, Indiewire

"Beautifully observed, precisely directed and acted with wonderful conviction, it pulls us into the life of its protagonist in a deeply involving way." — Kenneth Turan, LA Times

Duration: 104 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 2014
Music Mondays


May 11 08:40 pm
May 12 05:00 pm

Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011, legendary singer and guitarist Glen Campbell decided to allow actor-director James Keach access to follow him on what would become his farewell tour. It’s a doubly courageous gesture, and something that could have backfired easily - but backed by a band of family and friends, Campbell demonstrates he still has the musical chops to perform classics like Wichita Lineman and to carry the entire house with him. You will smile, you will cry, and you come away with a renewed appreciation for a remarkable man.

"Warm and moving."

Village Voice

“Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” follows the country pop singer on what has to be one of the most amazing farewell concert tours in music history. In this splendid documentary, we see Campbell’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, yet we also share his triumph as he embarks on an ambitious series of performances across the country — his guitar and singing skills remarkably intact. The result is a film that’s exhilarating, wistful, inspiring and haunting. This is in no small part to the folksy presence of Glen Campbell, who has a down-to-earth sense of humor and an awareness of his affliction, even if he can’t remember much of anything."

— David Lewis, San Francisco Chronicle

Duration: 119 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 2015
Vancity Theatre Screening


May 13 08:15 pm
May 15 10:25 pm
May 16 03:50 pm
May 18 06:30 pm
May 20 01:00 pm

Academy Award-winning documentarian Alex Gibney blows the lid off this secretive and sinister organization, a "religion" that incorporates the financial structure of pyramid scheme and bears all the hallmarks of a cult. Gibney talks to 8 former Scientologists, including Crash writer-director Paul Haggis and several senior officials now alienated from the organization. The film gives us the history of its bizarre founder L Ron Hubbard, and examines Scientology’s dubious dealings with the IRS and its disturbing exploitation of celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

"Jaw-dropping, scary, unnerving, even disturbingly funny." David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

"The cult is right to be scared. Going Clear is spectacular stuff." Bilge Eberi, New York magazine

"A heat-seeking missile that doesn’t take long to find the heat." Verne Gay, Newsday