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Duration: 131 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening


Aug 05 08:50 pm

Imagine being at the cutting edge of the electonic music scene in Paris at the beginning of the 90s, rubbing shoulders with Daft Punk, dedicating your life to shaping the sound… That’s where Paul (de Givry) finds himself, a DJ on the up, riding a wave that takes him… right back to where he started, in fact. Eden is a palpably authentic exploration of a fascinating musical subculture, detailing the shifts and grooves that whisked the EDM scene from "in crowd" cult to global mainstream dominance. But not without cost: not every DJ became a star, and some, like Paul, lost a decade without noticing how life is slipping through his fingers.

Music by: Daft Punk, Joe Smooth, Frankie Knuckles, Terry Hunter, MK…