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Duration: 93 mins
Country of Origin: Australia, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening


Mar 11 06:30 pm

The most impressive debut feature of the year also happens to be the scariest. This tale of an anguished single mom (an incredible performance from Essie Davies), her monstrous six-year-old, and the storybook bogeyman who terrorizes their home is guaranteed to chill you to the bone.

"One of the strongest, most effective horror films of recent years - with awards-quality lead work from Essie Davis, and a brilliantly designed new monster who could well become the break-out spook archetype of the decade." Kim Newman, Empire

"Managing to scare an audience silly with original imagery and non-formulaic jolts is no mean feat […] Managing to move us at the same time is close to miraculous." Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph

"Deeply disturbing and unusually beatiful." Variety

Duration: 97 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening


Mar 10 10:40 pm

Imagine a punk Freddy Kruger let loose in Office Space… Or don’t, that’s the kind of lazy daydream which keeps cynical scam artist Marty (Jason Burge) busy during his temp job at a bank. That is, when he’s not figuring out dumb ways to embezzle from his employers. This dark and melancholy tragi-comedy signals the maturation of a singular new voice in American independent cinema.

"A vigorous and strangely compelling character study, a sustained burst of punk-rock ferocity, and one of the most original American films to emerge in some time." — Calum Marsh, Village Voice

"The movie, though it is aggressively satirical and sometimes shocking, is in the end hauntingly sad." — AO Scott, New York Times