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(Get Inspired: Around the World in Shorts Part II)
Duration: 90 mins
Country of Origin: 2014
SPARK Animation Festival 2014

Get Inspired: Around the World in Shorts Part II

For many of the world’s most respected, talented and imaginative animators, it was the short film format where they grew their reputation and developed their art. The result is that some of the funniest, entertaining, technically groundbreaking animated movies are never seen by the wider Vancouver public — until now. From award-winning to newly emerging, these spectacular, meticulously crafted and diverse animations from across the world are guaranteed to take you to the furthest reaches of imagination.

Duration: 91 mins
Country of Origin: New Zealand, 2013
Vancity Theatre Screening

Fifteen years and 9 Antarctic winters in the making, Powell’s film gives a glimpse into what it is like to spend a full year living and working in the harshest place on the planet, presenting a never-before-seen insider’s view of the frozen south. It’s a dazzling movie, but never more so than in long, endless nights of the Antarctic winter, when the sun never rises, time stands still, and the aurora australis puts on a private show of heavenly dimensions. "An extraordinary achievement that reinvigorates our sense of wonder about the natural world." NZ Herald

You’ll think twice before using that overworked word “awesome” again after seeing Anthony Powell’s film […] There are moments when what Powell’s cameras have captured will bring you to tears. Which is why you need to see it in the dark, on a big screen." Helene Wong, The NZ Listener