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Martin Scorsese

Duration: 113 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 1976
Late Shows
Director: Martin Scorsese


Aug 29 10:30 pm

Scorsese’s hallucinatory nightmare of New York at its seediest, sleaziest 70s nadir is a potent, even toxic work, but a cinematic classic all the way. In an iconic role, De Niro is Travis Bickle, a neo-noir Viet-vet trying to rise up above the scum lapping up on the streets by any means necessary.

Jasper Sharp

Duration: 81 mins
Country of Origin: GB, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Jasper Sharp


Oct 30 08:40 pm
Oct 31 06:00 pm
Nov 01 05:10 pm
Nov 05 06:30 pm

It’s not a plant, not a fungi, and not an animal. It has no brain… yet it’s alive, it feeds, makes decisions, and it moves. Welcome to the world of slime mold, a single cell substance so strange scientists speculate it may be a visitor from outer space! "Imagine if Stanley Kubrick and Douglas Trumbull were tasked with making a 1970s educational science film about the pods from Don Siegel’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers and you’re some way to understanding The Creeping Garden." James Marsh, Twitch

Sasha Stone

Duration: 88 mins
Country of Origin: UK,Canada, 2015
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Sasha Stone


Nov 06 06:30 pm
Nov 07 08:10 pm
Nov 08 07:20 pm
Nov 09 06:30 pm
Nov 10 08:30 pm
Nov 11 02:45 pm
Nov 12 04:00 pm

Valorized with great skill and insight by John Vaillant in his Governor General’s Award–winning book The Golden Spruce, Grant Hadwin’s journey from logging scout to eco-terrorist now becomes a powerful non-fiction film. Artfully reconstructing a life in the wilderness, Sasha Stone reminds us how much is at stake here, in our own backyard, and give a fair-minded account of a highly contentious individual.