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Martin Scorsese

Duration: 146 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 1990
Cinema Salon
Director: Martin Scorsese


Jul 07 07:30 pm

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” So begins Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, based on the biography of real-life mobster Henry Hill and his brutal but seductive life of organized crime.  Starting at full throttle and speeding towards a life of flashy cars, gold watches, women, cash and crime, Goodfellas gives us the best performances of every actor in the cast with an unforgettable sound track. Introduced by Melanie Friesen. Guest presenter: saxophonist Cory Weeds.

Matthew Smiley

Duration: 78 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Matthew Smiley


Jul 26 07:00 pm
Jul 26 09:00 pm

Since the late 1960s, at least 18 young women — many of them from disadvantaged First Nations communities — have disappeared or been found murdered along the 724-kilometre stretch of Highway 16 in northern British Columbia. Matt Smiley's hard-hitting documentary shares the story of the victims and investigates how the legacy of generational poverty, high unemployment and endemic violence in their communities contributed to their tragic fates — and how contemporary First Nations leaders are striving to cure those ills.