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Hong-jin Na

Duration: 156 mins
Country of Origin: S Korea, 2016
Late Shows
Director: Hong-jin Na

The arrival of a mysterious stranger in a quiet rural village causes suspicion amongst the villagers- but as they begin killing each other for no apparent reason, that suspicion turns to panic. When the daughter of the investigating officer falls under the same savage spell, he calls in a shaman to assist in finding the culprit. "The summer’s most powerful and most disturbing thriller" (Salon).

Christopher Nolan

Duration: 70 mins
Country of Origin: GB, 1998
B&W By Design: Monochrome Movies in the Colour Era
Director: Christopher Nolan


Jul 25 08:20 pm

A rare chance to check out the first feature by blockbuster filmmaker Christopher Nolan (Interstellar; The Dark Knight), made on a shoestring and shot in 16mm black and white a couple of years before Memento propelled him to Hollywood fame. When a blocked writer takes to following strangers through the streets of London, a story shapes up over which he has no control…